Laboratorio de Visión, Robótica e Inteligencia Artificial


Computer Vision

The main developments in computer vision from LaViRIA are:

  • The analysis of visual characteristics such as color and texture in order to automate tasks that use images as the key information.
  • The classification and segmentation of images, in which the computer automatically determines the component elements of a scene.
  • The recognition of patterns and shapes, where visual models are searched autonomously in an image.
  • Object tracking and visual servo control that allow computers to perform dynamic vision tasks based on mathematical and computational models

Mobile Robotics

Our work in mobile robotics uses the XidooBot robot as the main experimental platform. Our goal is to provide artificial intelligence to this robot so that it can execute high-level robotic tasks. Developments to date include:

  • Robotic navigation systems, which consist of making the robot execute displacement tasks between two points that can be specified both geometrically, from sensory references or even using topological references.
  • Scenario modeling tasks, so that the robot generates useful representations to complete the tasks entrusted to it.
  • Reactive navigation methods, which allow the robot to avoid obstacles present in its operating environment and that prevent the efficient execution of the task in progress.

Computational Intelligence

At LaViRIA, the main approach used to develop intelligent systems is based on flexible computing. Flexible computing is understood as a set of techniques and methods (among which are fuzzy systems, genetic algorithms and neural networks) that aims to solve engineering problems, synergistically integrating the benefits of the methods in a collaborative way.

We have applied this experience in real-time systems for image processing, computer vision and mobile robotics applications.


The scientific work of the LaViRIA members produces research articles that are published in different national and international conferences as well as in peer-reviewed and indexed journals.

Articles in indexed journals

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Articles in conference proceedings

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Articles in outreach publications

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