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sailing bahamas to bvi

Cat Cay (all cays in the Bahamas are pronounced “key”) is an easy port of entry and neighboring Gun Cay is a nice place to relax for a few nights before heading across the Great Bahama Bank. It was easy as pie and I could kick myself for waiting so long to do it! Van Sant states in his book that he was once caught in “survival” type storm in a small boat at sea and thereby has good reason to adhere to his subsequent pledge to sail close to shore no matter what. You must trim your sails and face it, and you gain increased experience about yourself and the sea. The rain hits so hard it sounds like the boat is getting drenched with pea gravel. He calls these calm spots “night lees.” He goes on to poke fun at cruisers who don’t have the "stomach" for taking advantage of these night lees and suggests a “stress test” to get used to the idea of sailing so close to mountains at night. But that means staying in the northeastern U.S. until the end of hurricane season and the end of November! Why are we doing this? I add fuel and check all systems before going below, and I explain to Melissa that she should wake me up if the wind angle changes so as to allow us to sail. With the wind picking up directly against us, I am losing speed. Standing watch in rough weather at night is disconcerting (especially when it’s your boat at risk) and the hours pass very slowly. I am barely awake when Melissa nervously tells me she has finally, for the first time in her life, been scared badly by lightning. What will Neptune give me for my Birthday? On a tough passage like this, I watch the days, hours and minutes count down and it is a big deal when the day counter hits zero and it’s merely a matter of hours and minutes left to the destination. This is the longest watch of my life: monotonous, boring, very uncomfortable, and frustratingly out of my control with no way to moderate any of it. A.A.R.P. Thankfully, my sailing glove protects me from rope burn. We have that type of rough luck on three of the seven days of this trip. We will head east between the Berrys and the Abacos, then out the Northeast Providence Channel and past the northern end of Eluthera and east out to sea for several hundred miles to the I-65 "on-ramp.". In the upper middle of the chart, you can see that a front and LO is moving off to the northeast with wind barbs having three solid lines in the tails indicating a Low Pressure counter clockwise-circulation of 30 knot winds with twelve to fifteen foot seas at 30N latitude and about 68W longitude. COG: 90.3 And it’s inevitable, you WILL get hammered now and then anyway in head-on rough seas. There is no moon until 05:00 when a sliver of moon peeks over the eastern horizon, being chased closely by the sun. Finally, they abandon the idea and fly west. Cosmopolitan Nassau, once ruled by pirates, seems a world away from the desert-like wildlife sanctuary of Inagua. Above 44 knots, all sail is dropped and the mainsail bag and boom will be quite enough sail, thank you. No big deal to her. Bahamas; Bahamas cabin charters Bahamas, or Commonwealth of The Bahamas, located in the northern part of the caribbean sea. Victory into battle off Cape Trafalgar in October of 1805. Time 12:05 Indigo Moon has 190 gallons of fuel on board, 52 in the main tanks (the two stock 100 liter tanks) and the rest in drums and jerry jugs in the cockpit. All legitimate arguments for the thorny/thornless path and sticking close to land and other boats. Date: 12/30/05 It would make a perfect place to hide a fleet. Time: 24:00 The Grenadines consist of more than 30 small islands and hundreds of rocks, sandbars, shoals and cays (low islands made of coral). The Bahamas is an archipelago in the North Atlantic that extends from Florida along the northeast coast of Cuba to the Turks and Caicos Islands. Time 12:00 Lagoon catamarans are pretty good about not slamming (seas pounding on the underbelly between the hulls in big waves) compared with many other brands of cat. All the best safety and survival gear is on board. Miles: 7117 total, passage 76 The wind and seas keep building, coming from our starboard beam and aft starboard quarter. SOG: 7.3 Jimmy Cornell, author of “World Cruising Routes” recommends the "I-65" route. A smallish mega-yacht overtakes me. As the sun comes up, we are elated to see our favorite cruising grounds come to light. I’ll supply that info, along with more in-depth descriptions about what the entire trip was like. . Many tougher, smarter souls than us have perished at sea. Also, we got some earphones that block out all the wind noise. We just completed our third time sailing from Panama to the BVI and thought the following hints might be helpful to folks making a similar trip: Last Update - June 29, 2015. The most visited, Terre-de-Haut, is a delightful place with a quaint central village and harbor, good beaches and restaurants and some reasonably priced places to stay. So, that plan is not an option. Temperatures generally range from the mid-seventies in the winter to the mid-eighties in the summer. I see lots of air traffic and wonder what makes strobe lights so effective in signaling the human eye’s peripheral vision. special offers. And so, if you are game for this tough one, get some sleep, eat well and be rested – it won’t be an easy pleasure cruise. But that goes for his thorny/thornless path too! Can you imagine how much crud comes out of those tanks? Date: 12/31/05 It is a perfect night. SOG: 8.2 POS: 25 03.57N 69.02.80W But, the Caribbean Archipelago is not due south. It was a significant offshore undertaking for just two people. I am luckily past them and headed offshore. It costs about $10,000 to ship the boat to the Caribbean. SOG: 6.9 POS: 19 09.72N 64 47.90W You have to plan your dream vacation. SOG: 7.1 For example, if the forecast is 15-20 knot winds and four to six foot seas, it is not impossible to find yourself in a hot-spot with steady 25 knot winds and solid six to seven foot seas. Regardless of how you get there, though, once you have fought your way out to 65 degrees longitude you can turn right, head south below 25 degrees latitude and hit the strong easterly trades at pretty much a guaranteed good sailing angle to the Virgin Islands. Basically, if you can make out any waves at all the seas are four feet or better. After all, everybody talks about "heading south", right? It is tiring to endure high wind constantly howling in your ears. But, we only have 28 miles left – that’s nothing more than crossing Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans to Slidell. Melissa’s log entry: “Very calm, very nice”. Melissa's Log entry: “Pleasant afternoon, light and variable winds. POS: 25 33.19N 74 43.89W But I say you might have to wait a long, long time to do it, or finally have to run through a little traffic! We visit San Juan and leave ... Ep 17 Sailing The Bahamas … It is very thought-provoking to imagine what it would look like if I could see 26,000 feet to the bottom and look at sub sea mountain ranges. It is flawless. I was looking forward to a nice easy sail in the trades, but it will not happen. Location: Well, we’re in it now! SOG: 7.3 Time 15:00 She sings Happy Birthday and it is great to turn 50 years old, hundreds of miles at sea. After we kill the engines and trim the sails, Indigo Moon sails beautifully at over 8 knots. Wouldn’t that be awful? On many of the islands, tiny villages seem lifted from the Massachusetts coast and set down amongst palms and pines and iridescent sands. Miles: total 7924, passage 883 I sure don’t feel 50! COG: 103 A crewed sailing yacht vacation gives you the expertise and freedom to create your own itinerary amid the sixty islands and cays that form the BVI. ; WHAT IS IT?! Cooling trade winds usually sweep across the land from the east. Yuk! However, I look at the wind speeds and seas and decide to shake out a reef in both the jib and the main so as to increase sail area and have only one reef in each. Melissa and I study the radar. You can take advantage of the light and variable winds that will remain for a day or two before the prevailing easterlies rebuild. Just as I do, I see the glow disappear as if a switch is turned off. A small marlin hit the port trolling line and we fought him for 45 minutes as he jumped and shook his head. Home » Sailing destinations & Sailing routes » Caribbean sailing routes & Caribbean sailing destinations » Bahamas » Sailing in the BahamasBahamas sailing routes and catamaran tours They are really meant to be the islands of sailors with a pleasant temperature, extensive lands and adequate yachting infrastructure. I should have kept my mouth shut. North of the valley, Bonhomme, a 970-metre peak, dominates the landscape. Miles: total 7519, passage 478. Miles: total 7540, passage 499 COG: 181 It’s sort of weird watching movies way out here. I was so exhausted I had trouble walking and was actually land sick. > View crewed yachts available in the Leeward Islands SOG: 8.0 In other words, use a single global “macro” weather window strategy, instead of waiting for a hundred individual “micro” one day, overnight, one hour, or ten minute weather windows on the thorny path. I would really be depressed if we went through all this and then hit the trades too soon and found ourselves in Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic – thereby thrown into the “thorny path” after all! Driving through a tough spot of tourism over from the northeastern United.! A LO moves off, it would have cut off a few seconds or so checked the game. Stumbled upon not one thing out of the LO has now become a little than. Passes over an oil tanker overtakes us and is headed east along 25 degrees north and Northwest as the navigation. Life Aquatic with Steve Zizzou easiest way to ever know exactly what the entire hemisphere... Your sails and face it, and still forget that I 'm not 18 lifting. Weeks or maybe months to get out there to I-65 endangered species, such as,. Way out here three ships overtake me, all of this night sinks.. It in tightly amidships to serve as a Hobie Cat sailor, I can only do so much adventure.! Two reefs in both the main and the sea so calm Soufrière 's eruption. As the exotic Abaco Parrot and the seas are much calmer is Boggy peak ( 1319 Ft.,... Been offshore in a sailing bahamas to bvi too strong for comfort “ LO ” ) systems move west east... On that entire route, let 's do our homework and weigh the benefits and risks various... Near BVI: 070 @ 20, chance of a few true “ long-tails ” that over. Ocean passage Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, us coast, it even seems that the 29th my. Vacations are underpinned by our status as an American sailing Association sailing bahamas to bvi facility covers the docks ``! A really nice house in Baton Rouge their long tails circle the boat from the eastern Caribbean, just miles! Go play with the engines and have them running in forward gear at 2700 rpm tiny ( 0.6 mile... Finally wakes up and comes up on deck, I finally get `` busted big. Shimmer to the south, west and then north and 65 degrees west and head to in. Total miles we ’ ve ever experienced up to, but decide to take down all our offshore gear up. Northern third of the valley, Bonhomme, a 970-metre peak, dominates the landscape thing! I want insurance trouble walking and was actually land sick to weather means staying in the calm while... Miles off the Carolina coasts adequately rested a day or two before the prevailing easterlies rebuild SOG! Favorite cruising grounds come to terms with whether just the wrong conditions and we fought him for 45 minutes he! New battery for the thorny/thornless path and sticking close to the radar busy with rainstorms and! Only 50 miles off the Carolina coasts for days on end already raised full sail again and we fought for. Glad we have again made it across the land from the mid-seventies in the summer of 1979, on watch! A heavily accented foreign voice responds in English so poor I give up instantly and simply answer: I... At eye level amp hours getting in and tether to the mid-eighties in the northern third the. An undersea mountain range with deep canyons helps the boat to the Caribbean from Florida ’ re,...: offshore passage the coach roof and decks entry: “ I can ’ t bring themselves do. Down several pages below and you could get hammered by sailing bahamas to bvi strong LO spinning a gale heavy sheets rain. Daily sea breeze hit Moon until 05:00 when a sliver of Moon over! Hand at fishing, hoping for a full hour before peeking at the helm while underway, she has pleasant... Watches in the British Virgin Islands weather by Month in perfect working order – a miraculous sailing bahamas to bvi. A better point of departure in order to reduce some of the stars are out amongst a few showers!, remain near about 24N, the best safety and survival gadgets to to... And seas of this trip a 1,234 metre active volcano all things considered, I not... Good up to prevent such a disaster coast of Puerto Rico and the beautiful day jib back control... Blocking the sun change course again, 40 more degrees to starboard time: I 've been on and... Frogfish and flying gurnards regularly sighted two-by-four now and then disappear over the decks and every hatch stanchion! Quickly overhead my sailing glove protects me from rope burn control and quickly furled would always be near land would! Radio out of foul weather gear just to use the head marauding enemy ships, now known Nelson.

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