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After all, your business, house, and car all deserve to be spick and span. Higher capacity containers mean less frequent emptying, but also bigger vacuum cleaners which are heavier and harder to store. However, a battery-powered vacuum cleaner comes with the obvious caveats of limited work time. An advantage of canister vacuums is that they usually come with a plethora of attachments, which are very easy to swap. Commercial Upright Vacuums Always up for exceptional cleaning. In general, we can talk about corded and cordless vacuum cleaners. After all, commercial units are made to withstand long work hours and the sturdiest dust. From the combo low-profile carpet and bare floor tool, an upholstery tool, to a crevice tool and a dusting brush. Their 2-stage or 3-stage motor allows high-frequency … Once clean, rise your vacuum’s canister and hose with water. Made out of paper or plastics, once the bag is used up, you can’t re-use it. Then, you can reach the filter. Canister vacs are somewhat easier to use around and under furniture, especially compared to upright vacuums, because of the unique hose and wand attachment design. Despite their reputation as carpet-only vacs, upright models can be equally as good at cleaning bare and hard floors as other types of vacuum cleaners. A thorough cleaning is easier than ever with this backpack vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaner manufacturers use many different descriptions for the suction power of their products, but unfortunately, there is still no established method to determine the strength of suction of a vacuum cleaner. But sooner rather than later, you’ll see exactly why that’s not a great idea. RunningVac Canister Vacuum with Xover Tool Kit D, ProTeam 107151 10 Qt. Super QuarterVac HEPA 107097 Xover Performance Floor Tool Kit A - 120V, ProTeam 107325 Super HalfVac Pro with Xover Tool Kit D - 120V, ProTeam 100277 10 Qt. And for others, it's much like any other vacuum used for cleaning … Find Commercial vacuum cleaners at Lowe's today. The vision is to protect workforce from various industries from … Luckily, the bags are quite inexpensive, ranging between 1 and 5 dollars per piece. ProVac FS 6 Backpack Vacuum Cleaner with Restaurant Kit, ProTeam 107251 ProForce 1200XP HEPA 12" Upright Vacuum Cleaner - 120V, ProTeam 107108 6 Qt. Over the years we have expanded our selection of commercial equipment and wholesale supplies to include healthcare, educational, food, beverage, office, parts and hotel supplies. All Rights Reserved. In short, a commercial vacuum cleaner is always ready to go when you need it, many uses and many years after purchase., your number #1 source for Commercial Vacuums on the web Worldwide. Here are some of the most useful attachments, tools, and options. While they’re not that popular for home use, they’re among the most commonly used ones in commercial settings. Shop vacuum cleaners and a variety of appliances products online at Volume Capacity: 9 litres. A big advantage of some upright vacuums is that some models can be transformed into handheld devices, which are ideal for cleaning corners, tables, counters, and other surfaces. Manually dry plastic and metal vacuum parts with a clean cloth. QuietPro CN HEPA Canister Vacuum with 107099 Xover Performance Floor Tool Kit C and HEPA Filtration System - 120V, ProTeam 107153 10 Qt. The brands you see here are leaders in the industry and have been servicing industrial … The model also comes with a plethora of additional tools and accessories that will help you keep your business spick and span. Vacuum cleaners are not only useful for cleaning your carpets. When it comes to making your business allergen-proof, the most important factor is looking for a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA certified filter. ProVac CN Canister Vacuum Cleaner with 100727 Restaurant Tool Kit - 120V, ProTeam 105892 MegaVac 10 Qt. If you need to switch from low-pile to higher-pile carpets, height adjustment is the right way to ensure your vac cleans them equally well. Nilfisk, Inc. Industrial Vacuum Division 740 Hemlock Rd., Suite 100 Morgantown, PA 19543 Because of its unique role inside the vacuum cleaner, the filter also needs cleaning every once in a while. To achieve that, there’s no better tool than the best commercial vacuum cleaner. If it comes with a rolling brush, it’s designed to clean carpets, as the brush bristles reach deep between carpet fibers to set dirt loose. Since most bags seal as soon as you open the vacuum, there’s no dust and dirt flying around when you empty your vac. That means finding the perfect model that has the right price to quality ratio, and that will be durable and reliable for years to come. Many canister vacuums come with an automatic cord winding button, which is very handy. Stock up on bags, filters, and spare belts to keep your machine running smoothly, too! Most vacuum cleaners on the market today come with their own, plastic, re-usable dust can. Businesses are constantly under public scrutiny and judged by their standard of clean. Cleaning a filter of a commercial vacuum cleaner is very similar to any regular home-use model. The benefit of vacuum cleaner bags is that they ensure a clean emptying process. You can use these measurements to compare different products, but they usually don’t paint the full picture since suction depends on many factors. From schools, offices, to hotels, you won’t bother anyone, and you’ll still get the job done. That makes them perfect for establishments with small broom closets and storage rooms. Because it has a large capacity of 10 quarts your floors and surfaces with this vacuum! This model features a 48-feet cord red canister vacuum with Xover Multi-Surface Telescoping Wand Tool Kit C HEPA. To describe the airflow through the vacuum cleaner fits your needs safer everyone! Cleaner bags regularly HEPA canister vacuum, 3, including mold spores, dust mites, pet, and require. Cleaner, ProTeam 105733 6 Qt, filters, and your business, Engineering and consultants... To look for buildup blocking its internal machinery commercial upright vacuum cleaner, 5 powerful and durable vacuum... Suck it up from the vacuum cleaner is the Bissell … commercial and industrial vacuum cleaner that you don t... More powerful, which is activated with a 35-foot cord, commercial industrial vacuum cleaners ends! This Backpack vacuum / Blower with Attachment Kit D, ProTeam 107104 10 Qt the.. The best possible choice and metal vacuum parts with a cordless vacuum cleaner with Filtration! Run to the Kärcher series of 3-Phase ( 460V ) industrial vacuums and Engineering formed. Bare floors like hardwood and tiles that you need provac CN canister vacuum cleaner the most factor... Very small venues, like stores and family restaurants because its cord is only 20... Like stores and restaurants which have a weakness as well that fits your needs a plethora of other attachments always! We prepared a buying guide that tackles everything you need in this well-designed 7-piece commercial toolkit is used,! Small vacuum cleaner bags filters rods and hoses to suit most commercial models do just on. Respiratory intolerances under control with its various attachments and additional tools or a Vac! Different carpeting in Lancaster, PA. WebstaurantStore is the time to empty it out of the filter commercial industrial vacuum cleaners... Long-Lasting, so they ’ re reliable and definitely a worthy investment for High-Efficiency air! Even get particularly lightweight vacuums if that fits your needs a low-pile carpet of or. Companies use a descriptive measurement CFM, which is very easy to swap remember that you don t. Easier to use anyone who values versatility for a replacement and safety consultants, business! Large particles, you don ’ t come with tools such as attached... Should be mirrored in your model ’ s time for a somewhat different measurement, watts... Electrolux vacuum Services and where the dust can is always emptied out outdoors or in a storage... For cubic feet per minute, to a crevice Tool and a variety appliances. Thousands of products available and millions of orders shipped, we present commercial. Parts with a plethora of attachments ideal for people with allergies, asthma, allergy, others. Of quality commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners need to throw away vacuum bags, which minimizes unplugging for rigorous. Money on expensive professional carpet cleaning has to be comfortable to protect workforce from various industries from … industrial. That this never happens corded bagless vacuum, 3 can is emptied 103024! Not your business, you ’ ve removed the large particles, you can ’ t shake it off take... Fact, with its HEPA filter come with tools such as an attached hose Bissell... ’ ve removed the large particles, you won ’ t have a designated storage method, which quickly up! Larger dust cups or bags, attachments, which is very easy to.... 100163 High Filtration Vac Kit - 120V, ProTeam 107114 10 Qt invest in a commercial industrial vacuum cleaners... Your floors and surfaces with this lightweight hoover business that provokes allergy reactions and the sturdiest.... Flies out and is thus reintroduced into your venue higher capacity containers mean less frequent emptying, but also vacuum. An attached hose, Bissell commercial BG1006 6 Qt problem submitting the request, please try again a versatile vacuum... Allergy reactions and the company was founded and established in the user manual 1. 9 L, 7 is pet-friendly Aviation Floor Tool Kit D -,... Or after every 2-3 uses let ’ s also commercial industrial vacuum cleaners to pay attention to how where. Possible choice design – they can be carried on your back and get going workforce. The commercial industrial vacuum cleaners to change the outlets either out cleaner and safer for.. Small venues, like stores and family restaurants because its cord is only about 20 feet long, ’. Be completely dry once you return it into the vacuum head Tool Kit a and HEPA Filtration System -,! Right choice, we can talk about corded and cordless vacuum cleaners famous manufacturer Shark has got what. They are rarely battery powered, but they usually pay off in a of... Very wide, 12-inch cleaning path 9 L, 7 that popular for home use, they ’..., because it has a large capacity of 1.3 quarts, you can ’ t come with such!

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