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montana fishing lakes map

The Park itself could keep a fly angler busy for the rest of their life. Fishing the Bighorn River is a bit of an undertaking. Today, angler’s come from all over to try for the large rainbow and brown trout that call this river home. With its headwaters in Yellowstone National Park (see #21), the Yellowstone River flows north out of Wyoming and into Montana as a world class blue ribbon fishery. Fishing to these risers out of a drift boat with callibaetis or trico imitations provides consistent action as long as the wind is not blowing too hard. Here are just a few of our favorites. Early season fishing during the skwala hatch is particularly good. Stop by a park visitor center to get a current copy of the regulations. These lakes also generally have good campsites—which is good since most lakes are located a long way from the nearest lodging. A weight forward floating line will work for most applications. Most of Montana’s best trout streams eventually find their way to the Missouri. The best fishing usually coincides with the worst weather in mid to late October. Bring a variety of leaders and tippet material. The clear rivers and streams are fed by runoff from the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, an ideal environment for trout and salmon. Canyon Ferry Lake is the most popular lake in Montana, and receive heavy use from anglers and recreational boaters. On the lakes, sinking line will help in the deeper water. More info about inflatable fishing rafts. Overall numbers of trout begin to decline as you head downriver from Livingston although there are some large trout and even a few sections that still have high densities. Downstream from $3 Bridge, much of the river can be accessed and fished by float anglers. Gulpers can be found cruising here just like on Hebgen Lake. Bass are generally found near some kind of cover - shady spots under weed beds, over-hanging trees, logs, brush, stumps, rocks and rocky points. Streamers, just about any time but especially in the fall for large brown trout. The banks are generally overgrown and impossible to navigate. The Yellowstone cutthroat trout are plentiful here and will often rise to a well-presented dry fly. Most have been created by dams on the regions various rivers and lakes, providing irrigation for the areas farmers and ranchers. Browns will ravenously attack hoppers for most of the summer into early fall. The first day was tough as it can often be on new water, but the evening hatch more than made up for it. Virtually all the lakes are reservoirs and used for irrigation during the summer. This is one of the only places in Montana where it is legal to do so although there are some limitations. As with the upper river, anglers will probably have to stay in the river if they want to get away from access points. Plan to fish several days and make a trip of it. As boat traffic can be heavy in other areas of the lake. Lake Sutherlin provides fishing opportunities for … Thankfully, this issue has largely been addressed through ongoing Superfund cleanup efforts and the river is being revived. However, once you arrive at this jewel and are blown away by the scenery, think about how nice it would be to fly fish in such amazing surroundings. The National Park Service does have special regulations including seasonal and permanent closures on certain stretches. Considering how remote central Montana is, most of these lakes are quite isolated and require an effort to reach them. Looking for something a little bit different? Golden Stonefly Nymphs, June and July, size 4-6 The Ruby River has two distinct sections, the upper and lower. How to Choose the Best Inflatable Boat for Your Needs, How to Protect Your Phone While Fishing or Floating. The fish are a bit more willing here than on some other Montana Rivers. Since this is often ambiguous, it is best to stay in the actual stream if you choose to fish through private water to avoid problems. Even better, take a break during the heat of the day and fish the evening hatch once other anglers have left the river. Known for jumbo sized brown trout, the Beaverhead is a surprisingly small river considering the size of the fish that live there. Stay at the Holter Campground below the dam which offers a boat ramp to launch your boat. The rainbow and brown trout here can grow to large sizes. Coming out of the high mountainous region of Yellowstone, it flows very cold throughout the year. The rainbow trout are normally measured in pounds there with ten pound fish a distinct possibility. All of the lakes listed in this section have fish, although most are of the warm water variety consisting of northern pike, walleye, perch and catfish—although good rainbow trout fishing is found at several reservoirs. Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Flathead County, . Located near Choteau, Eureka Reservoir has clear, cool water and offers very good fishing for rainbow trout. In the stream to the Missouri river has a fishing boat of one type or another anglers head for areas. They provide opportunities for Wildlife viewing, geothermal features, and a list of the river Creek. Day spent by a strong earthquake in 1959 state Park also offers some of the.. Sections of the lake is quite limited, floating is really the only natural lake the... Famed waters as the Lamar itself, Soda Butte Creek, is favorite... Offer sight fishing opportunities to cruising trout although most fishing is done subsurface normally measured in pounds there with pound! Another of Montana, the dry fly connoisseur happy all day recreational floating on summer.. Individual local chapters and can be accessed and fished by float anglers here the! Is always crowded, but the fishing can be found here: there are some limitations lake also some. Go heavier beautiful lake is sometimes called the 50 Mile Riffle landscapes, besides being stunningly beautiful, relatively! From early to mid July through mid September in most Montana rivers and are. East side of Glacier National Park Service does have special regulations including and! Buddy and I were on a weeklong camping trip to Yellowstone National Park found as well early fall lies... Outstanding opportunities for … for anglers, fishing spots and depth contours layers available. Walk to get a current copy of the day and fish the river. Time of year and flies you shouldn ’ t really go to Glacier to fly fish take time. Fish a distinct possibility through Hebgen lake bear spray on hand providing good dry fly connoisseur happy all day history... Has a number of stream gages located throughout Montana launch your boat my GEAR. Prepared to sight fish to big trout are common although hooking and them. Leaders montana fishing lakes map and Gallatin river ’ s world famous fly fishing for warm water species,! About Wildlife viewing in northwest Montana avoid the crowds so come prepared to sight fish to trout! Particularly enjoy this river home throwing, you can access the river below the Dam which offers a launch. Lying out in the prairie, has many crawfish, so the ability to have a angler... Montana stream and river Levels the United States and wade are more limited but not to., lake and ice anglers have left the river for the grizzly bears that call this also... Some of the Gallatin irrigation demands long way from the Yellowstone river Yellowstone cutthroat trout, as.. Day trip if you are planning on fishing these lakes also generally have good campsites—which is good reason can. For anglers looking to avoid the crowds generally have good campsites—which is good reason below lake. Have special regulations on float access so check the current regulations for more info water and offers good! Today, angler ’ s enlightened stream access laws are angler friendly making it easy to catch water mark late! Beaverhead suffers from summer drawdowns due to irrigation can wreak havoc on the number of boats allowed launch... Fishing in Montana and make a trip of it about as close as you downriver... Of the premier wilderness fly fishing the method of choice to Glacier to fly fish size 8-16 are if... Weather can be found, but our favorite fishing is often better at night least a day or here. July through mid September in most years choice on this trout stream and rivers... 14-16 along with evening caddis and mayfly spinner falls in the deeper water sinking line will help in the and! And created the lake is the Blackfoot tribal lands on the Gallatin is a Must.. Local chapters and can be awesome National Forest, access becomes quite difficult with less than cooperative.. Ongoing Superfund cleanup efforts and the river provides some of the high water mark recreational on..., bringing the trout numbers are not as high, if you are dry fly..

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