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Images view at 72dpi on the web are very acceptable for viewing, even when planning websites the size of images used in creation must be kept small for quick loading. Many people think when they resize to 72dpi they are changing the file to 72dpi when in reality they are just changing the size of the file itself because resample is checked. My expertise is as a Graphic Designer and a graduate of the School of Visual Arts as an Illustrator. I just wanted too now why 72dpi was a myth! _________________________. For a high quality 16x20” Print, ensure that your file size is 4800x6000 pixels. I have been up on my technology since the first Mac came out and I am an expert, in PS, InDesign, Illustrator, Quark plus many others, that's in using the programs and maintaining the equipment a G4, a G5 a 17" and a MacPro Laptop. On. I never said that people can't upload photos in 72dpi or that it was wrong to do so, so lets get that cleared up straight away. Example size for FHM in Norway: 22.2 cm x 29.7 cm. Personally as a photographer I seek out quality over speed or quantity. The width and height of an image, in pixels, are known as its pixel dimensions, and in Photoshop CC, we can view them next to the word Dimensions near the top of the dialog box. I have used it enough times for magazine illustrations to know what quality it can produce. In general the pricing will be quiet similar to the related US size, no matter if you wish to print a perfect bound magazine or a saddle stitched booklet. It’s tricky because your Facebook cover displays differently on mobile and desktop devices. The answer: It depends on your taste. This is the physical size of the cover when you download and print the 300dpi print-ready PDF. What are you creating it in? If you’re ready to create a Facebook cover photo, Snappa’s powerful and easy-to-use graphics builder has made this process incredibly simple. This is the size of the document you wish to print on YOUR printer. The size is far too big. DPI is the abbreviation for "dots per inch." This photo is large, so you’ll want to ensure that it’s high-quality and professional. I hope that helps anyone looking for the answer about Magazine Covers Size and dpi. Wow..thank you so much for all the feed!! 1 decade ago. Both, portrait and landscape is possible, either for perfect bound magazines or saddle stitched magazines. A magazine size would be usually measured in cm (or inches) as it is a real-world object. Here we see that my image has a width of 4509 pixels (px) and a height of 3000 pixels: You can emphasize the pull quotes with frames, you can put it in a circle, you can place it inside big exaggerated quote signs and so on. You can up it to 300 or 600 dpi if you want but because the file size is so small it will not print well. As far as the “DPI” issue. For a business page, the cover photo will be resized to 820 x 312px on desktop and 640 x 360px on mobile devices. You might notice, however, that it results in a ‘thinner’ design than you would expect from most novel covers on Amazon. If you upload that saved file (now 542x360) to the web, or here, that is now the size of the file. According to Facebook, your cover photo displays at 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall on computers and 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall on smartphones.. The formal sizes and specifications for Facebook cover photos are: Minimum size of 400 x 150 pixels, but anything less than 820 x 312 pixels will appear stretched; Display size: 820 x 312 pixels (desktop), 640 x 360 pixels (smartphones) Doesn’t show at all on feature phones Every time I read articles or tutorials about saving images for Web pages or sending through e-mail they always mention saving the images with a resolution of 72dpi or Dots Per Inch. To print an 8 x 10 inch image at 300 PPI, use the same math: Multiply the printed image’s width and height in inches by 300 pixels. I've had people ask me if they could and if so would email them a better image. Well, I have done enough print covers and plates for the commercial end. So when you say "oooh I believe in 72dpi" it's utter baloney. And actually I have in the past downloaded pictures from friends FB accounts made a collage and then given it to them as a present, would have been better if the photos had a superior dpi for printing. Want to know what an 8.5x11" print in pixels is? You speculated that you uploaded photos at 72dpi so they load quicker then why not have them at 1dpi? It’s important to keep in mind that there’s a small 75px (150px if you’re uploading Retina) at the top and bottom of your image that will be cropped out for desktop display. I wish to co... What would be the size of he a3 magazine? SCREEN DPI: The bottom portion of the box is “document size”. Your cover photo size should be 1536×768 pixels and can be a maximum file size of 4MB. I don't know why he went off the deep end because I believe in the 72dpi for the net. Either way you stand corrected. Can a photo not be "copied" if it is 96dpi? La Bella premium magazine cover template consists of four different magazine cover templates that can be utilized for multiple magazine categories like business, fashion, entrepreneurship, beauty, health, real estate, cars, automobiles and many more. How rude to presume that your right just because I'm not as old as you and that I know any less about photography. of course this does make your image file quite large - The last image I worked with ended up being 635MB in size , and yes you need laods of memory in your machine to play with images of that size ... Standard DPI for an 8.5x11 would be 300 dpi. I spent the last 7 years as a trouble shooter for DDB Worldwide as a Graphic Designer. As far as 72 DPI, who the heck cares if a snapshot off FB is pixelized? In case your not familiar with DDB, they are one of the largest advertising agencies in the world and I have worked on accounts you could only dream about. And if we are going to spout off what we have achieved then you need to realise my work has featured in both Vogue Italy and Bazzar to name a few. What is the standard size of the magazine ? The international paper size standard is based on the German DIN standard: European size DIN A4 magazine:210 × 297 mm8.5 x 11 inch (related US size), European size DIN A5 magazine:148 × 210 mm   5.5 x 8.5 inch (related US size), European size DIN A6 magazine:105 × 148 mm4 x 6 inch (related US size). If the DPI vs Pixel, years in the business, accomplishments or age subject is to continue, it should be a separate post and I will post mine., By entering this site you declare I would happy sacrifice 1 or 2 seconds for an image I could copy and print at a better resolution. As for the speed thing... again "it is a personal choice" the majority of the world is moving at a fast pace and can cope just fine with larger image files, you shouldn't say "all images online need to be 72dpi" just because you don't have broadband, where do you live? 72 dpi is not a “myth”. The others would drum scan their images themselves. I had my own Agency for 17 years and was able to retire at the ripe old age of 48. I prefer to call it “intro”, although the most used name is “kicker”. Hey, gotta blame someone. It makes their job easier when people submit work in a consistent manner that requires less of the publisher and printer. If you don't want to do it then stop crying patman10 and don't do it, it really is that simple! The tables below give the dimensions of the A series paper sizes in pixels at a selection of screen and print resolutions. You notice no mention of dots or inches because a monitor only cares about the number of pixels. 4288x2848 in pixels. Each iPhone case ships within 24 hours and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee! "When you want to compare experience let me know" please, don't make me laugh and learn to argue the issue not the person. I’m locking the post. I made some custom Madden covers, but I can't get the size down. Shutterstock's safe search will exclude restricted content from your search results. Don't forget to check out our site for more free how-to videos! Source(s): If you ask, you NEVER go wrong. The size of the cover image on Facebook should be 820 pixels wide and 428 pixels height (This image size that will appear on the page). I think it’s Adobe’s fault. Secondly, years on earth doesn't equate to "being right all the time", so what if you have been working long before I was born maybe that makes you out of date. Maybe you should concentrate on what yours says about you before using words like "professional", "I know what I'm doing" and "I've worked for world leading company" and have your work not reflect that. All the monitor wants to know is the total number of dots — or pixels — that are in the image. Here is our specs that we generally try to get our advertisers to supply for our magazine. Scientific American Magazine 8” x 10 1⁄ 2 ” Final Trim Size Martha Stewart Living 9” x 10 13⁄ 16 ” Final Trim Size Print Magazine 8 7⁄ 8 ” x 12” Final Trim Size Rolling Stone Magazine Magazines published by Condé Nast: WIRED GQ Traveler Bon Appétit Vogue 8” x 10 7⁄ 8 ” Final Trim Size Nylon Magazine … I'm not off subject I would not appreciate anyone using or printing my photos. The top is the image size measured in pixels. Good luck in your endeavors. ect. So yes I do know what I am talking about. Reddit, what are the sizes IN PIXELS for cover art? Uncheck it and you’ll notice the file size does not change and if you upload it, it will still be the full file size no matter what you selected in the bottom section. Just put the size in inches and set the DPI to 300. Image sizes of a Facebook event When you are editing your image for the magazine tell the program that you want the size to be 8.5x11 (or whatever size you are wanting to get), and 300 dpi. All the templates come in PSD files and in printable format. I came out of retirement to run the corporate art department for a very large publishing company CMP Media and then to DDB for big bucks untiled my final retirement. Industry standards for image sizes and dpi for magazines are as follows: IMAGE SIZE: The actual width of the printed magazine cover is 2400 pixels. All the way down in the box is “resample image” and is probably checked. If it is, then when you resize your image to print, say 5x7 at 72 dpi to print on YOUR printer the resample check will change the file size making it smaller so you can save the file at your printable size. magazine cover images. Page trim: These measurements show final trimmed page sizes. The reason for my "between 96dpi - 120dpi is the safest option" is just in case a user wishes to download the photo and print it (obviously you don't want them to print at the highest possible quality but you also don't want the photo being printed at it's worst = 72dpi will look eek!). You can easily add your design via smart layers and choose the background colors according to your taste; in addition, it includes a bonus pencil that is … The digest size which is a little bit smaller with 5.5 by 8.25 inches is also very common. What size memory card do you recomend for a Nikon D90? Make sure the dimensions aren't larger than 11.25" x 17.25" (unless using for the cover) or you can also break up spread images into pages. If you try to print it, say on H2O’s printer after he has “stolen” it, the small file size will dictate what size it will default print at. Reddit, what are the sizes IN PIXELS for cover art? I can think of tons of reasons why someone would like/need to print online photos. My photography speaks in volumes about me, my knowledge and technical ability. You don't have to like it or agree. It’s automatic if the box is checked. Refer to our handy sizes and dimensions guide to create consistent-quality documents, invites, marketing materials, social media graphics, and more. Also that way you can crop the image to your taste should the image size be different to the image width-height ratio. 3. A photo could be 5 inches wide at 100 DPI, or could be 10 inches wide at 50 DPI; either way the computer only cares that the photo is 500 pixels wide, so it can use 500 pixels to display it. and does it cease to be "useful" at 96dpi? The best Magazine Mockup that will allow you to display your magazine cover and first page layout design in a photorealistic way. Firstly 72dpi is a myth. Just like the real Vogue magazine cover, the size of the template is 8 x 10.875 inches. Sounds to me like you lost an argument and decided to get personal which is really unprofessional and not in good spirit considering this is a forum to share ideas, not make out that your ideas are superior to others by discriminate against peoples age. I don't use the web to copy images from and I don't understand why you as a photographer would want to copy someone else's work. Safe search. Question on memory cards for the camera. If you open Photoshop, load a photo, click “image” tab and then “image size” you’ll be able to understand a little better. Most of the discussion about IF does not address subject size. I've been in the business for over 40 years and worked with color separations long before their was digital images and prepared images for magazine and newspaper reproduction probably before you were born. This is the physical size of the cover when you download and print the 300dpi print-ready PDF. (if that makes any sense). Using the Facebook cover photo size of 820 pixels by 360 pixels and keeping critical elements within safe zones will ensure that nothing important gets cut off on either mobile devices or desktop.

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